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No Heat Challenge: Another One Bites the Dust

October 19th, 2008 at 12:26 pm

Halloween in my town is a big event. If yo want to have a rockin/ time, even if you don't have children, Main Street is the place to be. What better backdrop for pint-sized ghouls and goblins to do their trick or treatin' than among the many Victorian and Colonial era homes on Main Street? The homeowners go all out to decorate their historic homes.

One home in particular features a gigantic spider that each year sprawls across a web that extends from the rooftop of the house and across the front yard. It's all great fun.

Despite all the fun that Halloween promises, I must admit to falling asleep early last night around 10 pm. I intended to stay up late to watch Tina Fey.

I woke up rather suddenly around 1:50 a.m. for no particular reason. But this is why I know exactly when my heat kicked on. Yes, I'm afraid I'm out of the contest. However, I set the thermostat to 55 degrees, day and night, round the clock. I set it last night because temperatures were supposed to get down to freezing, statewide. I heard the heat kick on at 2:05 am, and then it cycled back on and off throughout the rest of the morning as I tossed and turned.

It'll hopefully stay there, at 55, for this month and next. When we get into the bitter cold, I'll have to notch it up, but I never go above 65 degrees. I don't like to start out at that temp since I'll get accustomed to it, so I'll do it by "degrees."

I have a bad habit of writing things down on a notepad by my bedside when I waken in the middle of the night, or early in the morning before I'm fully conscious. I do some of my best work then (!), but if I don't turn the light on and scribble down my thoughts, I'll forget most of what I "wrote" in my head by dawn.

And that's what happened last night. Actually, I was writing this blog post, but i forgot half of what I intended to say.

I watched the best movie last night. It's called American Splendour. Have you seen it? Normally, I'm pretty stingy with my 5-star Netflix ratings, but this one was really good.

Without giving too much away, it's a story about a down and out guy living and working in Cleveland as a file clerk in a VA hospital. Not much in his life is going well. Actually, there's not much going on, period. One day, while filing away records in the "Deceased" section, he reads one file which lists "Born, 1938, Cleveland. Died, 1979, Cleveland." You know he's wondering if he's going to have that kind of seemingly meaningless existence.

He starts writing a comic strip that chronicles the minutiae of his life. It's real, it's gritty, and it takes off. He lands an appearance on the David Letterman Show. He develops a following. And he ends up doing this for 20 years, although he never gets rich from it. I think it's a true story.

Anyway, if you get a chance, check it out. I loved it.

Still NO HEAT:
Boomeyer - Missouri
monkeymama - Northern California
debtfreeme - Northern California
mbkonef - Southeastern Pennyslvania
Ima Saver - Georgia
scfr - Texas
snoopycool - Florida
dmontngrey - Massachusetts
sevenofseven - Northern California
princessperky - Charlotte, North Carolina
Househopeful - Delaware
toyguy1963 - Ohio
Analise - northern California
Little gopher - Minnesota
canoineag - Denver
Buckeye - Ohio
Koppur - Massachusetts

Those who already turned on the heat:
Fern - Oct. 19
Creditcardfree - Oct. 15
Nancy - Oct. ??
MilehighGirl - Oct. 11
wyozozo - Wyoming - Oct. 10
Mech - Oct. 3 Massachusetts
ME2 - Oct. 3
myenglishcastle - October 1
homebody - October 1

7 Responses to “No Heat Challenge: Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    It is 34 outside right now, but I still have not turned the heat on yet. My little Holly is sleeping on a heating pad to keep warm.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    No heat for me! But its in the 50's outside. My house is about 65 right now, was 63 last night.

  3. toyguy1963 Says:

    Sorry you are out of the contest Fern but you did well and you have been a great inspiration to me.
    I hope that you can in some way update this whole thing next year for comparison sake.
    I'm still holding in on the contest even though I started to give in yesterday. And this morning it got down to 50 in my house. Fortunately its warming back up some. Its a beautiful day outside here so I think I can hold out a little longer.

  4. dmontngrey Says:

    It was 50 degrees when we went up to the third floor to work this morning! Heck with that, threw on a sweatshirt and started my work. It was up to 55 last I checked... brrr... 66.2 on the 2nd floor right now. No sun out to heat the place up and we still have the stupid ACs in the windows. We know that's the problem and we REALLY want them out today. Just trying desperately to get the laminate finished upstairs.

  5. baselle Says:

    Bummer that you are out of the contest. I think you have a good little index for global warming - call it fern's heat date index. Smile
    I loved American Splendor too.

  6. my english castle Says:

    Sorry, you're out! And I saw something similar to your squirrel spinners on "Ask This Old House" yesterday. Let us know if they work. My DH HATES squirrels and used to shoot them with a water pistol when we lived in an apartment.

  7. mbkonef Says:

    Count me out as of this weekend also. I was hoping to make it til November but I did not want to freeze my DD(15)'s guinea pig to death. They are relatively fragile when it comes to their environment. Cannot get too hot or too cold. I had set the heat to kick on when it gets to about 68 degrees and I heard it kick on sometime during the night on Friday evening. Have not really had it on during the day but it definitely came on that night and most likely last night also so count me out. To all of those still in, keep up the good work!

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