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Big spending coming up

December 5th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

I was just approved for a new credit card with a big $300 upfront bonus (redeemable for gift cards) after you spend $1,500 in the 1st 3 months. That's a bit of a challenge, but I've done it before. I had to temporarily lift the freeze on my 3 credit bureau accounts before applying. To be sure I can do it, I'll now exclusively use this one card for the next 3 months, or until I reach the target spend.

At the same time, I just activated an offer by another of my existing cards where you earn a $15 statement credit after charging $75 at grocery stores by end of January. Easy peasy.

Unfortunately, amid all the inflationary price increases we've all been seeing, my electricity and income tax bills will have big price jumps very soon.

I still have just one person left to buy a Christmas present for, and she's usually the easiest, so I really need to get to my favorite local gift shop and do that very soon as I'll have to ship the gift to her, along with one other cousin. I hate spending money on shipping, but i wanted to wrap both gifts, so....

I recently had a nice dinner out with a friend at a newish Indian restaurant. I liked it very much. Afterwards, we walked down Main St. to admire the luminaria candles that were lit in little white paper bags and to view the 2 Christmas trees that were officially lit earlier that night to mark the start of the holiday season.