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Nine Contestants Still Chillin' in the No Heat Challenge

November 9th, 2008 at 02:07 pm

There are still nine stalwart souls who haven't' turned on the heat. Most of these folks, I must point out, don't live in warm climates!

I turned my heat on weeks ago but it really hasn't kicked on much, 1. Because it's still been mostly mild and 2. It's set at 55 overnight and 58 for about 4 hours daily on weekdays.

Still no heat:

debtfreeme - Northern California
Ima Saver - Georgia
scfr - Texas
sevenofseven - Northern California
toyguy1963 - Ohio
Analise - northern California
canoineag - Denver
nomorecredit- NY

Those who already turned on the heat:
Little gopher - Minnesota - Nov. 7
monkeymama - N. California - Nov. 4
princessperky - Charlotte, NC - Oct. 30
Koppur - Massachusetts - Oct. 29
snoopycool - Florida - Oct. 28
Boomeyer - Missouri - Oct. 26
Househopeful - Delaware Oct. 23
Buckeye - Ohio - Oct. 22
dmontngrey - Massachusetts Oct. 22
Fern - Oct. 19 Connecticut
mbkonef - SE Pennyslvania - Oct 17
Creditcardfree - Oct. 15
Nancy - Oct. ??
MilehighGirl - Oct. 11
wyozozo - Wyoming - Oct. 10
Mech - Oct. 3 Massachusetts
ME2 - Oct. 3
myenglishcastle - Wisconsin - October 1
homebody - October 1

6 Responses to “Nine Contestants Still Chillin' in the No Heat Challenge”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Correction - I haven't turned on the heat. (just the CAR heat). LOL.

    I just checked the weather and a fair amount of 65-70 degree days for the next 10 days so I think there's a chance we'll make it through November. Though it's 40s overnight the house does well with sun light (it keeps it warm). The lowest the house has gotten is 65 so I wouldn't be too impressed. More house than us. Wink

  2. swimgirl Says:

    We haven't turned on the heat, yet. The coldest the house has gotten is 61 one morning. Since we were just getting ready and leaving for work/school, we dealt with it. And by the time we got home that day, the sun had warmed it to 65, which was fine!

    My original goal was November 15, but this is so much fun I'm going to shoot for later!

    We're in Northern California.

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Sounds like you managed your spending very well. Still no heat. I had TEN layers of blankets and quilts on me last night. My DH only needed ONE. It took a while to body-heat up all those layers, but when I woke up in the morn, it was toasty warm in there. Oh, I'm in MO if you want to add that to your list.

  4. toyguy1963 Says:

    No sorry Fern I had to turn on the heat on Oct. 27.
    The good thing though is that we had about another week of warm weather after that so my heat went back off. And now its running but I am still keeping it very low. 56 degrees

  5. Analise Says:

    Well, I'm definitely off the list. An unanticipated rainstorm had a role in me turning on the heat... I explained it in my post today.

    BTW, thank you for starting the "contest." It really made me more aware of how easy it is to just turn on the heat, when maybe a sweater will do the trick. I know we saved $$.

  6. Caoineag Says:

    November 9th I turned the heat on. I ended up turning it back off later that day but I did definitely have it on for a couple of hours.

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