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6 Die-Hards Still Stand....No Heat Contest Update

November 23rd, 2008 at 03:33 pm

I never imagined I'd still be reporting so close to Thanksgiving on those stalwart souls who haven't turned on the heat.

I give you guys a lot of credit. I'm with you in spirit. Although my heat is regularly kicking on, it's set at 59 degrees. You get used to it, for the most part. I hope I can keep it this low all winter long. In past years, my indoor high temp was set at 60 or 62, so this is my own ongoing personal challenge.

Here are the remaining 6 finalists who still have not turned on the heat (as far as I know):

debtfreeme - Northern California
Ima Saver - Georgia
scfr - Texas
sevenofseven - Northern California
nomorecredit- NY
swimgirl - Northern California

Those who already turned on the heat:
monkeymama - N. California – Nov. 23
canoineag – Denver – Nov. 9
Joan.of.the.Arch – MO – Nov. 9
Analise - northern California - Nov. 9
Little gopher - Minnesota - Nov. 7
princessperky - Charlotte, NC - Oct. 30
Koppur - Massachusetts - Oct. 29
snoopycool - Florida - Oct. 28
toyguy1963 - Ohio - Oct. 27
Boomeyer - Missouri - Oct. 26
Househopeful - Delaware Oct. 23
Buckeye - Ohio - Oct. 22
dmontngrey - Massachusetts Oct. 22
Fern - Oct. 19 Connecticut
mbkonef - SE Pennyslvania - Oct 17
Creditcardfree - Oct. 15
Nancy - Oct. ??
MilehighGirl - Oct. 11
wyozozo - Wyoming - Oct. 10
Mech - Oct. 3 Massachusetts
ME2 - Oct. 3
myenglishcastle - Wisconsin - October 1
homebody - October 1

10 Responses to “6 Die-Hards Still Stand....No Heat Contest Update ”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    Um, your post freaked me out a bit (I turned on the heat 15 minutes ago). LOL. I Was like, what the heck - does she read minds?

    Then I remembered I commented on swimgirl's blog. LOL. (Hey, I only said I might turn on the heat - yeesh - I guess why that freaked me out so much).

    I don't think you need to give us much credit - my house has hardly dipped below 68 all month (certainly not below 63). I think the remainders have slightly milder weather than you!

    I know I am out of the contest, but my goal is to still keep our gas bill lower than last year. So I was inspired and am still working on it.

  2. toyguy1963 Says:

    I've also been keeping my heat no higher than 59 degrees so far. Like you said its freezing but you get used to it.
    I'll probably turn it up to about 63 eventually.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    It is in the 50's in here right now. I can understand how most of us have held out, but not the person in New York.It was about 15 degrees out on Thursday, but I have a well built house.

  4. swimgirl Says:

    Okay, I'm really no die hard! It was in the 70s here last week. And I think it will be mid-60s today.

    Climate is on my side. BUT I live in an old, poorly insulated house with few window coverings (I like lots of light and haven't been able to make a decision on window coverings).

    It's 60 in my house right now. I have a cup of hot tea in front of me, I'm wearing layers, and I have a blanket over my lap. I can't say as though I'm really enjoying being cold. But I am thinking of the $50 lower power bill that will come my way in a week or two.

    This is nothing like when I lived in the a Mid-Atlantic state!

  5. scfr Says:

    Yea, I'm not doing anything heroic here in Texas either. As I type this, it's 70 in the house with one window slightly cracked open for fresh air.

    We had one night a couple days ago where we got down to a low of 37F and that was big news! I put on warm socks, pulled out the down comforter, and was good to go.

  6. Ms. Pearl Says:

    My husband would faint or explode if I ever tried to set the temp at 59 degrees. The lowest he will let me set it is 65 at night. When he is not home I set it at 65 during the day and 63 at night. I live in Ohio and it has been quite cold the last week or so.

  7. clubneary Says:

    Thanks for the recipe Fern! Sounds a lot like I remember my grandmother making. I am going to try it out.

    Oh, and I too have turned on the heat! Western NY is down right cold. We are going to be having a white Thanksgiving this year.

  8. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Ummm, didn't enter your competition, cause I think being in (almost) Southern California should disqualify me.

    Nevermind the stoopid Santa Ana (read 95 degree) hot winds we had last week (remember the fire events?).

    So although we haven't turned on ours, it's not fair.
    And before I do though, we use our wood stove for at least a few weeks if possible.

  9. analise Says:

    Even though we turned on the gas fireplace, the FA heater has only kicked on once or twice (I have it set at 65). The contest has motivated me to reduce my heating bill this winter, so it's been good.

    I will try the paprikosh recipe this week, but I was wondering if the pepper is supposed to be hot (e.g., jalapeo) or mild (e.g., bell pepper). I'm not familiar with cubanelle peppers.

  10. fern Says:

    Analise, to be honest, i don't know what a cubanelle pepper is, either. Probably a bell pepper would be fine. Oh, and btw, my friend listed all ingredients as "per serving." I estimate there would be at least 4 servings to the whole thing, so i guess you could multiply every ingredient by 4 to come up with the total amount needed.

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