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Heating Oil Prices

April 1st, 2009 at 11:43 pm

I got heating oil delivered yesterday. I thought prices might go even lower now that heating season is nearly over, but actually, prices rose a little from their low of $1.76 a gallon. (This is heating oil, like diesel, not the same as gas for the car.) I got about 140 gallons at $1.99 a gallon, still a huge savings compared to last winter and even a very decent price compared to all my winters here.

Because I'm a manic keep-track-of-everything-you-never-know-when-it'll-come-in-handy kind of girl, i can tell you the lowest oil prices i paid in the past 4 years was, in fact, $1.99 a gallon yesterday (!) and the highest was $4.24 a gallon in June of 2008. I don't think prices will stay that low, so that's why I topped off the tank, though I still had a third of a tank left.

It's times like this that i keep telling myself i should have a second oil tank installed in my garage next to the other one, and I could fill them both up when prices are low and know I'm covered for all of the next season. As it stands now, this one full tank will probably get me through mid-January.

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