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Vote on My New Cat's Name

April 18th, 2009 at 12:44 am

Sometimes, what you long to hold is sitting right in front of you.

I picked out my second cat. No, I don't have him yet, but I hope to in another week or two. I decided to go with "Stripey," the large male tabby who time and again has been passed over by potential adoptees.

As befitting of an older male cat, these are the names I'm mulling over. Please tell me which TWO you like the most:


I am leaning most toward "Waldo" or maybe "Basil."

Anyway, as I said, I don't have him yet. My last contact with my shelter contact was when she emailed me yesterday saying they were going to have a traveling vet come to the shelter to give him his shots and put him in the carrier for them.

Luther and I have gotten into a nice lifestyle here and while I can still see he's got oodles of energy and needs more company, I also don't want to upset/disrupt our loving little household.

On the plus side, everything is pretty much cat-proofed at this point, and I don't think an older cat would be likely to get into more mischief than Luther already has. My shower curtain is now permanently thrown over the bar since Luther clawed the bottom. Same goes for my bedroom floor-length curtains. (Unfortunately, he managed to get one down and there are small holes in one panel. I really had to grit my teeth then.) I have vinyl blinds in several rooms and I've been careful not the let the cords dangle, as that is just like waving a raw steak in front of a hungry cougar. He HAS to attack.

If I can see fairly early on that Stripey won't hurt Luther and they more or less look like they'll get on, that would be huge for me. I am prepared for it to be weeks (maybe more) for this cat to warm up to me. That's ok. I can be patient. I just would find it very difficult to have to keep the 2 cats separated for any length of time, since I could see closing myself in whatever room i put Stripey in will cause Luther to start meowing and carrying on. (Plus, my upstairs bedroom doors don't close to well; they tend to pop open.)

I plan to put Stripey in my office here. Luther and I spend more time in my bedroom, so during the time when Stripey is still acclimating, this will be a quieter area where I don't HAVE to be.

I am pleased as punch to have pushed my emergency fund over the $10,000 mark with today's contribution. (I do a transfer every payday.) I'm about 41% toward my goal of 8 months worth of living expenses. I am 2 months ahead of schedule with having saved that amount, and it's because I threw my tax refund in that.

This is part of my daily commute. These daffodils cover a wide area. (The homeowners live across the street.)

20 Responses to “Vote on My New Cat's Name”

  1. Aleta Says:

    My husband named one of our cats Arley. So when I saw Arlo, it reminded me of Arley. We also have his sister named Sara. We also have an older cat named MiMi. Hope you enjoy your cat. They're great!

  2. Lady T Says:

    My favorite is Clyde, and then Waldo. Looking forward to reading about your adventures when your new addition joins the family!

  3. Blue Eyes Says:

    I like Calvin, then Basil.

  4. baselle Says:

    I like Calvin, but thinking of Calvin made me think of Hobbes ... a stuffed tiger come to life. And from the philosopher in me - you are keeping Stripey's life from being "nasty, brutish, and short."

  5. monkeymama Says:

    I like Chester and Clyde for whatever reason.

    My last employer had all the frills and the pay was crap. My current boss is rather generous I think, on the pay front. But people want parties and free food. I don't quite *get* that. Comparing the 2, I will take the higher pay any day. Big Grin Because you know it does come out of your paycheck after all... I guess you better enjoy it! Get your money's worth and all...

  6. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Sebastian Dangerfield (after the main character in The Ginger Man - a drink-loving womaniser who would buy drink beforer feeding his child - a male shelter tabby perhaps ??)


    Bertie - short for Bartholomeow - after an ex Irish Taoiseach - Bertie Ahern - because he loved politics so much it may have contributed to his marriage breakdown. He's now a single ex-Taoiseach (Leader of Country) - a solitary tabby ?

  7. scfr Says:

    I like Basil, Otto, and Waldo. I like 2-syllable names for pets.

    I'd scratch Chester off the list because I think it's too similar to Luther and the cats might have a hard time knowing to whom you are speaking.

    And unless you want cats that make people think of the Protestant Reformation, you may want to scratch Calvin as well. (Ya know ... John Calvin ... Martin Luther) Big Grin

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    Otto, Calvin and Theo are the ones that jump out at me. Congrats on the new companion. I'm guessing the companionship for each of the cats will be welcome...even if they aren't pals all the time.

  9. Analise Says:

    I like Bartholemeow and then Waldo. Bart and Luther... Luther and Waldo... both sound good together. So happy another kitty is joining your household. Lucky cat. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

  10. miclason Says:

    Basil is my favorite, followed by particular reason, I just like the way they sound!
    Enjoy the new kitty (hey, if my 20 year old niece can be a baby, Stripey can be a kitty!)

  11. L Saver Says:

    I really like the name Chester, but I agree with scfr that it might be too similar to Luther. My other choice would be for Basil. Best of lucky with the new kitty Smile

  12. Ima saver Says:

    I like Sebastian and Bartholemew.

  13. littlemama Says:

    I like Sebastian and Chester.

  14. dmontngrey Says:

    I like Sebastian and Basil. I'm so glad you chose this cat! He's the one I would have gone with as well. I now know the joys of adopting an older cat and would do it again in a heartbeat. There have been downfalls too, but the joys far outweigh them. She's 14 and we've had her three years. She's very playful now that we've taught her how to play. We're still working on being held. Good luck with him! Smile

  15. TurtleLover Says:

    Of course I read the blogs for the finance part .. I guess you call people like me a lurker. Your kitty saga is VERY close to my heart and I love it when you post about your cat and you post photos. I had a kitty for 21 years who I had to have put to sleep. I told myself there would be no more. Yep... lasted a week. I was so sad to come home everyday my SO took me to the shelter. We found a very cute kitty and brought her home. She reminds me of your Luther. She NEEDED a companion... so I got kitty #2. It REALLY helped Kitty #1 she started playing with kitty#2 rather than attack my legs. (I don't think she was attacking me really... just trying to play) 2 years later I found a Kitty #3 ... everybody I know wants to hurt me! But this kitty is the one who will follow me around and sleep with me. SO calls her my "mini me" .. anyway... sorry for such a long comment... I vote for WALDO ... and when you first get him and he hides you can say WHERE'S WALDO ... ok roll your eyes at me... it's ok. I love your posts and hope to hear more! Hope everything works out GREAT!

  16. Nika Says:

    He is cute!

    How about Pumpkin? (that's my cat's name and he looks a lot like this kitty)

  17. whitestripe Says:

    i like chester and sebastian

  18. Thrifty Ray Says:

    He looks like Garfield...but I would vote for Waldo or Boris out of the names you suggested and CHESTER would be last...just cause it is the name of that guy who molested a little girl a while back (yuck)

  19. my english castle Says:

    I'm all for Waldo--maybe he'll be self-reliant like Ralph Waldo Emerson? And when's he's hiding under the bed you can play "Where's Waldo?"

  20. LuxLiving Says:

    Hi Fern, just catching up on the blog - I like Otto & Basil - they are my two grand-dads names! I see you've already settled on Waldo - that'll be great if he's still shy after a while, you can play "Where's Waldo, with him!"

    Housepainters - auuughhh! Here when we painted we used something called Flexcoat paint by Anchor, it has a somewhat rubbery quality to it that helps it stick. Sorry to hear about your troubles on this paint job.

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