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Purge 30 in 30: 1st Weekly Progress Report

January 8th, 2010 at 02:04 pm

I'm thrilled that so many of you have taken up the

Text is January challenge and Link is
January challenge with gusto and enthusiasm. It certainly motivated me to get cracking knowing that others were doing the same.

The challenge is simple: "purge" your home of unwanted or unused items as a means of simplifying your life, decluttering your home and perhaps making a bit of extra cash in the process. "30 in 30" describes the goal of finding one item to dispose of daily, or if you prefer, 30 items for the month.

You'll earn the most points (3 points) if you manage to sell your items on eBay, Craig's List, or elsewhere, but you can also donate your items to charity (1.5 points) or barter with others (1.5 points). As a last resort, you'll earn a single point for each item you dispose of by simply throwing it away.

My progress has been slower than many of you, but here are the seven items I've rounded up so far, to mark my progress at the end of the first week:

- 4 books, to be donated to the library: 6 points

- 1 VCR tape, to be donated to cable company for recycling: 1.5 points

- 2 household items to be donated to Good Will: 3 points

1st week total: 10.5 points

Your own results may vary. If you meet the monthly goal of disposing of 30 items during the month of January, and depending on how you dispose of your things, you may earn as little as 30 points (if you simply threw everything away) or as much as 90 points, if you sold everything.

I'll be posting weekly updates and inviting all of you to do the same.

If you haven't done so already, show us what you're made of and record your progress here!

5 Responses to “Purge 30 in 30: 1st Weekly Progress Report”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Sold 3 books: 9 points
    Donated 39 items (mostly clothes): 58.5 pts
    Trashed 4 shirts: 4 pts

    Total for the week: 71.5 points

  2. my english castle Says:

    I've now sold 4 books for a total of 12 points.
    Disposed of DH's old spices and recycled 2 jars 3pts
    This morning's triumph was selling DD's outgrown skates on Craigslist for another 3 points.

    So I'm currently at 18 points, but am going to the Salvation Army this afternoon!

  3. princessperky Says:

    Sigh, not going as well as planned, more than 30 items, but all garbage/recycling, so while I could claim 30 points, I think I shouldn't.

  4. patientsaver Says:

    Looks like Ceejay's the one to beat!

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Nope, it's Thriftorama! She left me in the dust.

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