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And the Winner of February's Home Cooking Challenge Is...

February 28th, 2010 at 02:03 pm

It's time to report your Home Cooking points for the month of February. How many points did you earn by eating at home rather than dining out this month?

After reporting your tallies below, feel free to add your comments. Did February mirror your usual dining in/out habits or did the contest make you think twice about eating out?

I'll start the ball rolling:

Fern: 26 points

It was easy for me to eat at home on every day but two days this month since I am underemployed right now and my budget is very much on my mind.

On those days I did eat out, it was nothing extravagant, simply fast food I grabbed out of convenience (and hunger) while running errands.

It's your turn now!

15 Responses to “And the Winner of February's Home Cooking Challenge Is...”

  1. pharaohsmom Says:

    Pharaohsmom - 26 points

    I usually eat at home anyway. It's easy to do since I'm about 40 miles from the nearest city. We have one local cafe, and it is only 7 miles away. I had lunch there with a friends twice this month.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    ceejay74: 2, maybe 3, points. LOL. I don't know why I joined this challenge; I knew it would be an unusual month. (I didn't realize just how unusual though!)

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I also have 26 points! I only ate out once, but I did have my husband stop and pick up 2 sandwiches at Blimpies. I am proud of myself. I have really slowed down on my eating out!

  4. princessperky Says:

    Well technically we have the rest of today to make it through. And I did send my family off bowling with no packed snacks (that was dumb) But I did feed them first. And it should be a short trip. One free game each. (Shoes $5 each for two kids, husband has some)

    So if we make it through today 28 points, if not 27.

    Mainly it is as easy as any other month, we already have a very good reason to not eat out (no job) but on the other hand, we also had plenty of opportunity for a little snack here or there. We did not supplement any packed meals with fries or anything. This challenge was just one more reason not to. And the more reasons the easier to pack it all.

  5. boomeyers Says:

    I'm with Ceejay. We were a train wreck of special events and circumstances! Maybe we should try again next month??

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    25 points! Actually, the three days that we did eat out were unusual circumstances. Family in town, time with husband and time with friends. None of them were really to skip eating at home or because I didn't want to cook. This was more eating out than usual for me. I don't think the challenge impacted me one way or the other.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    yeah - I am the same as Ceejay. I think we got about 5 points Frown I don't know why I joined the challenge! I generally have a coffee with friends every couple of days, so I knew I probably wouldn't get that many points. *sigh*

  8. fern Says:

    Looks like Princess Perky is the winner so far! Ima, good job! I know how much you and your hubby like to eat out!

    I have to say that after cutting back as much as I have, when I DO go out to eat, it sure feels like a special treat and I enjoy it much more.

    For you guys that got 5 or so points, I'm glad you took up the challenge. It's just a way to make us all aware of how easily the moolah leaves our fingertips.

    Boomeyers, I'm busy thinking up a new challenge for March!

  9. shiela Says:


    This is a very normal month for us except for that weekend away (which cost me 2 points) that we took which we planned 2 months ago.

  10. pjmama Says:

    How does this work? A point each day you eat at home instead of out?? I'd like to jump on the bandwagon Smile

  11. patientsaver Says:

    Pjmama, the contest started Feb 1 (see Wild Blue Yonder's earlier post) and ended at the end of the month. But yeah, it was a point for each day you eat at home, not out.

  12. CB in the City Says:

    25 points for me. I did really well till the end of the month, when special circumstances intervened. Actually, it was a pretty typical month for me -- I would say in any given month I eat out no more than three times.

  13. debtfreeme Says:

    14 points for me 15 including today as I brought muy lunch in today and won't even be making the 1.5 mile drive home for lunch today.

  14. homebody Says:

    I would have had 28 had it not been for jury duty! I ate lunch out twice since it was all day court. I planned for half day court. I don't live in the same town as court, so it made it difficult. I was working 3 hours before jury duty each day so I was just too exhausted to pack a lunch. I had 26 points. This challenge coincided with the challenge my sister and I made. DH and I won the challenge with my sister. I am very, very proud of the effort DH made as he usually hates this kind of thing AND he loves to cook! I am shooting for $300.00 for March, kept it to just under $200.00 for February.

  15. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I didn't do too well the beginning of the month, but I ended up with 15 points.

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